Month of May

About the Month of May is the fifth month of the year and has 31 days. Season (Northern Hemisphere): Spring Holidays May Day Cinco de Mayo National Teacher Day Mothers

May-2017-calendar-dg.jpgDay Victoria Day Memorial Day National Physical Fitness and Sports Month Asian American Heritage Month Jewish American Heritage Month Skin Cancer Awareness Month National Bike Month Symbols of May Birthstone: Emerald Flower: Lily of the Valley Zodiac signs: For free 2017 printable calendar Taurus and Gemini History: The time of May was named for the Greek goddess Maia. She was the goddess of ripeness. The Romans had a comparable goddess named Bona Dea. They held the celebration for Bona Dea amid the time of May. The Romans called the month Maius. The name changed throughout the years. It was first called May in the 1400s close to the finish of the Middle Ages. May in Other Languages Chinese (Mandarin) – wuyuè Danish – maj French – mai Italian – maggio Latin – Maius Spanish – mayo Historical Names: Roman: Maius Saxon: Thrimilci Germanic: Wonne-mond Fun Facts about May It is the third and a month ago of the period of spring. The birthstone of May, the emerald, symbolizes achievement and love. May in the Northern Hemisphere is like November in the Southern Hemisphere. May was once viewed as a misfortune month to get hitched. There is a lyric that says “Wed in May and you’ll mourn the day”. 2017 May Calendar In Old English May is known as the “time of three milkings” alluding to a period when the dairy animals could be drained three times each day. The Indianapolis 500 auto race is held every year amid this month. The Kentucky Derby, the world’s most acclaimed stallion race, is likewise hung on the second Saturday of this current month. The time of May is given to the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church. The United Kingdom observes May as the National Smile Month. The most recent week of May is Library and Information Week..


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